FUN-KINS Artificial Carvable Pumpkins

Funkins artificial pumpkins are made of a low density polyurethane foam. The consistency of the foam is similar to a real pumpkin shell. Each Fun-kun is tinted orange inside and out for a realistic appearance, and glow when lit. Funkins are painted with a child-safe latex paint using multiple shades of orange in the process. Each two-toned stem is then uniquely hand painted.

Regular shipping of Fun-kins is in their original boxes, but can not be insured that way since there is no padding. If your Fun-kins order meets a critical need, opt for our "double-boxed" and insured shipping for extra protection ($15 additional). Shipping prices where noted are for domestic U.S. shipping only. International shipping is available, but may cost a bit more depending on destination.

CAUTION: NEVER use a candle or open flame!
with any brand of artificial pumpkins.

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Funkin #8

Heartfelt and homey with honorable distinction. One of the most popular models among pumpkin carvers.

  • Height: 12.5 in.
  • Diameter: 12.0 in.

Funkin #8


(plus $12 shipping)

Funkin #8 (White)

Classic #8, finished in "Lumina" White color. Fantastic for wedding displays, or just to make a bold yet elegant statement.

  • Height: 12.5 in.
  • Diameter: 12.0 in.

Funkin #8W


(plus $12 shipping)

BROOKSTER Funkin (White)

This elegant lil' Funkin not only has that sought-after smooth surface for detailed carving, it also has a striking realistic white pumpkin coloring (different from a lumina). A very versatile medium sized Funkin.

  • Height: 9.0 in.
  • Diameter: 7.0 in.

Brookster Funkin


(plus $10 shipping)

GYPSY Funkin

The little Gypsy has a tall twisty stem and makes a great table decoration by itself or a vase for your autumn floral arrangement.

  • Height: 10.0 in.
  • Diameter: 9.5 in.

Gypsy Funkin


(plus $10 shipping)


18 inches in height, this narrowly shaped Funkin can display a tall slender carving, or lay him horizontal and carve a wide design. A truly unique member of the "Masters Funkins" family.

  • Diameter: 10.0 in.
  • Height: 18.0 in.

Zepplin Funkin


(plus $14 shipping)

FREAK Funkin
(#10093, #042)

Uniquely shaped and a little bit…um, freaky! The gnarled surface and eggplant shape make the Freak one of the more unusual (but carvable none-the-less) Funkins.

  • Diameter: 11.0 in.
  • Height: 13.75 in.

Freak Funkin


(plus $10 shipping)

X-LARGE Funkin

If you’re looking for a unique edge for your Halloween or Thanksgiving themes then the Granata is for you. This hearty but chic Fun-Kin is perfect for carving a Jack O’lantern or accenting your home for the autumn season. Not quite as tall as the Natiello but, the Granata is complimentary and just as cool.

  • Diameter: 14.5 in.
  • Height: 15.0 in.

Granata Funkin


(plus $15 shipping)

X-LARGE Funkin (Orange)

One of the LARGEST Funkins made! This hearty but chic Funkin is perfect for carving a Jack O'lantern or accenting your home for the autumn season.

While the stock image shows the "Earth tone" color, this item is the long-awaited-for "orange" colored Natiello Funkin!

  • Diameter: 17.0 in.
  • Height: 14.5 in.

Mac Funkin


(plus $18 shipping)

PRINCESS Lumina Funkin

Cinderella's Funkin of choice, the charming little princess is a great decor piece. She is also often used as the base for a floral centerpiece.

  • Diameter: 9.0 in.
  • Height: 7.0 in.

Princess Lumina Funkin


(plus $10 shipping)

"Ugly Skull" Pumpkin
(NOTE: Not a Funkin)

A very interesting and antimidating Halloween prop!. Hollow inside and can be carved thru to light up. We carved out the eye sockets and mouth, and put a red light inside - kids would not even come to the door for candy!...

  • Length: 9.0 in.
  • Width: 7.0 in.
  • Height: 7.5 in.

Ugly Skull Pumpkin


(plus $10 shipping)

Small Smooth
White Gourd Funkin

Another style of small white Gourd Funkin, with a smooth surface appearance.

  • Diameter: 8.0 in.
  • Height: 5.0 in.

Small Fairytale Funkin


(plus $9.85 shipping)

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