Faces- Jack-o'-lanterns

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Anchor Nose:Anchor Nose Angry Face:Angry Face Atlas's Giant Pumpkin:Atlas Giant Pumpkin Bear's Pumpkin:The Bear's Pumpkin BOO Face:BOO Face Boofus:Boofus Boogeyman:Boogeyman Bump-kin:Bump-kin Chomp:Chomp Egghead:Egghead Evil Black Jack:Evil Black Jack Fangs:Fangs Fire:Fire Flack Jack:Flack Jack Freckies:Freckies Fun-kins Face:Fun-kins Face Fun-kins Peek-a-BOO Ghost:Fun-kins Peek-a-BOO Ghost Fun-kins Peek-a-BOO Ghost with Name:Fun-kins Peek-a-BOO Ghost with Name Fun-kin Pumpkin:Fun-kin Pumpkin Funnyface:Funnyface Funny Face-Hershey:Funny Face-Hershey Gimme Candy:Gimme Candy Grabbee & the Grabber:Grabbee & the Grabber Grimmace:Grimmace Grins:Grins Growl:Growl Halloween Hound:Halloween Hound Halloween Madman:Halloween Madman Halloween Man:Halloween Man Halloween Movie Pumpkin:Halloween Movie Pumpkin Hallo-Window:Hallo-Window Happy Face:Happy Face Happy Hal:Happy Hal Happy Pumpkin:Happy Pumpkin Haunted Fencerow:Haunted Fencerow Headless Face-Gene:Headless Face-Gene Headless Hack-Frown:Headless Hack-Frown Headless Hack-Smile:Headless Hack-Smile Highly Perturbed:Highly Perturbed Hot Head:Hot Head Ichabod's Fate:Ichabod's Fate Jack Skellington:Jack Skellington Jack Skellington-Angry:Jack Skellington-Angry Jackie-Award 'o-Lantern:HUB Jackie-Award 'o-Lantern Jackie Lantern:Jackie Lantern Jagged Teeth:Jagged Teeth Love-O-Lantern:Love-O-Lantern Maniac:Maniac Mansion of Lord Pumpkin: Mansion of Lord Pumpkin Mansion of Lord Pumpkin Mansion of Lord Pumpkin Mansion of Lord Pumpkin Masque:Masque Matisse:Matisse Mortimer:Mortimer Mouth:Mouth Mouth with Name:Mouth with Name Mouth #3:Mouth #3 Mouthy-Halloween:Mouthy-Halloween Mouthy-Name:Mouthy-Name Mr. Brow:Mr. Brow Mr. Lips:Mr. Lips Music:Music No Crows Here:No Crows Here Nosey:Nosey Pat E. Melt:Pat E. Melt Peepers:Peepers Pumpkin P. Casso:Pumpkin P. Casso Pumpkin Prisoner:Pumpkin Prisoner Ripper:Ripper Sadface:Sadface Sad-Sack Sam Face:Sad-Sack Sam Face Sam R. I.:Sam R. I. Scarecrow Jack:Scarecrow Jack Scary Face:Scary Face Sleepy Hallow Jack:Sleepy Hallow Jack Sly Face:Sly Face Smiley:Smiley Smiling Face:Smiling Face Sneer:Sneer Snoopy's Jack-O-Lantern:Snoopy's Jack-O-Lantern Spikes:Spikes Stack o' Lanterns:Stack o' Lanterns The Challenge:The Challenge They Eat Their Own!:They Eat Their Own! They Eat Their Own! (Sam & Cat show):They Eat Their Own! - Sam and Cat show Ugly Jack:Ugly Jack Viper #1:Viper #1 Viper #2:Viper #2 Wacko Jacko:Wacko Jacko Who Nose:Who Nose Wink:Wink Witches Brew #3:Witches Brew #3 Witch's Pet:Witch's Pet Wobbly:Wobbly

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