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Other Carving Tools

This page lists just about anything else we have found useful for carving pumpkins and watermelons. Use your browser's "Refresh" option to ensure you are seeing current stock.

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Vintage supplies are limited!
If you see something you want, buy it! --Before someone else does...
Orders accepted in order they are received.

Pumpkin Gutter
Stainless Steel gutting tool
Attach to high speed drill to
clean out pumpkins in seconds!


Learn Fruit &
Vegetable Carving

Step-by-step instructions on
how to sculpt & carve
intricate fruits and vegetable
designs. Takes carving to a
whole different level. Learn
from one of the best-
Professional Chef Ray Duey!


Professional Grade
Sculpting Tools

Etch designs into pumpkins,
sturdy "Power Grip" wooden handles!


Pumpkin Sculpting Tools
Etch designs into pumpkins,
for longer lasting pumpkins!


Brook Import Trading Co.
Pumpkin Carving Kit

Vintage carving kit from England!
NEVER sold in the U.S.
(8) Carving patterns
(5) Carving tools


Pumpkin Stencils
(10) Pumpkin carving stencils




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